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I am a UX and Accessibility Designer based in Los Angeles, adept in crafting end to end UX/UI designs tailored for B2B and eCommerce domains.

My recent achievement entails winning 2nd honor in Knowbility's 2022 Accessibility Internet Rally, a testament to my skill and expertise as an Accessibility Designer. I contributed my skills as a Accessibility Designer for Central California Animal Disaster team,  delivering an accessible desktop and mobile site aimed at assisting users in helping their animals during a natural disaster. 


My enthusiasm for enhancing people's quality of life through my designs is a driving force in my work, and I remain committed to staying on top of the latest advancements and refining my skill set. I am currently studying to obtain an IAAP CPACC certification by September 2023 to deepen my knowledge on accessibility and improve my designs.

Makeup Artist

Freelance Business

I'v own my own business as a freelance makeup artist for 10 years and am passionate about making women feel beautiful and connecting with clients for major life milestones like weddings and events. 


Influencing, Jewelry, Art

I have always been very creative and out of the box thinking since I was a kid. I love taking on new hobbies and currently creating fresh water pearl jewelry which I promote on my growing IG account. I also have been painting with watercolor for 5 years now, it keeps me inspired and at peace.


Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery

I am a HUGE book lover! I read a new book monthly and created a small book club among my followers on IG. We are currently reading Colleen Hover's "Verity". It's fun discussing our opinions in a group and our thoughts on the writing style and plot. My personal favorite book i'v read is A Court Of Thorns and Roses (a fantasy series).


Accessibility PDF, Desktop & Mobile Apps Audits, Wireframes, Low & High Fidelity Prototypes Utilizing Figma, User Research and Interviews, Style Guide, & Content Library

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